Sunday, April 26

To my personal "Bestie"

To my bestie 희인
So this is what it feels like to miss someone as soon as they leave.
I never thought I could like anyone again but he has come in through the cracks of my heart.
His words mean more than he thinks they do.
When he tells me good night I feel as though he is telling me he loves me too and wishes I didn't have to go.

I can't help but smile at the very thought of him.
I'm embarrassing myself with how I feel about him.
I hate that I've gotten corny ever since falling for his "nice guy" aroma.

I know this is one sided but I don't really care about you liking me back, I like the way things are now and I never want them to change.

I love that you have opened up to me and that makes me feel special.
You calling me a "good friend" means alot more than the actual word "friend".

You let me in your broken heart and that means the world to me.
I love that you feel free enough to tell me how you truly feel on the inside and I like you more for that.

Even though I know you don't bare the same feelings I bare for you I still like you deeply.
I won't ruin what great relationship we have now by confessing to you since that is me just thinking about how I feel.

let's get along and strengthen our friendship so that it can lead us to places we never knew existed.
 from yours truly 루비

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