Saturday, April 11

one-sided love hurts the most

What can I do if I can't make you love me.
forced love isn't love at all.
You are flying away like the summer birds.
even though you are drifting farther and farther away your scent still stays.
Memories of you will always stay.
Even though you don't feel the same way I do I feel that it is my duty to tell you how I feel.

You make me dream of things I never dreamed about before.
Time seems to have stopped ever since I laid my eyes upon you.
Just the thought of you standing before me makes me nervous but excited.
Even though I know nothing good will come out of loving you I just can't help myself.

I know I will never mean anything to you 
Please let me keep you close to my heart even when you may not know you are still there.
You may love someone else but I won't be upset for I've always known you'd love someone else.
You may not hear my heart beat for you but I understand that that's the way things are suppose to be.

Goodbye for now my love until our paths connect again.

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