Saturday, March 21

안녕 안녕! 잘지내지^^ Pass these 2 years I've been getting a lot more aware of what’s going on around in this world.
Actually I don’t know everything (it’s not possible and I’m glad I don’t) but I do know a lot more than what I knew when I was 14 and down.
I feel as though my eyes are finally being opened to all the corruption and evil that happens in this world.
Yes I did know that there was evil and corruption in this world when I was younger but I didn't know there was a ton of it.

Even though it is a little scary knowing things I didn't know when I was younger I feel like I know a lot more and it also makes me feel good about myself.
I think having enough knowledge  allows me to not be so ignorant to everything and it gives me a better view on everything from big to little things.

One of the things I like to do when I’m around other people is to observe how people interact with each other and observe the knowledge they give to one another.
But with hearing people state what they believe is true can be agonizing for me.
Why? Well it’s simple, finding things out that so many people don’t know anything about makes it hard for me to listen to people talk about things I know about and they don’t.
Take my older brother for example.
My older brother has an amazing interest and love for learning about different religions (such as Islam,Judaism,Christianity) so when he hears people talk about different religions (they tend to talk about Islam in a negative way) that they know nothing about he definitely feels the right to tell them the truth about the religion they are talking about.

Well my ending point is that I am now thirsty for the truth and what’s going on around me. 안녕~

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