Tuesday, March 31

Love can seem meaningless if you have no one to love and for them to love you back.
My heart hasn't loved anyone so I fear I will never be able to love anyone properly.
My soul mate? I truthfully don't believe I have one.
I've lived my life in a cave with no one evening looking my way.
I do believe in soul mates but I don't believe that I myself have one.
sometimes I wonder what's wrong with me.
"Am I not pretty?", "Do I not have a good personality?' "or am I just not meant to be with anyone?' these questions swirl in my head every time I hear a guy say he likes my sister.
Could I possible be blind to all the guys who like me or did God put a spell on every guy I come into contact with that makes them not see me as anything more than a "friend".

I hate the fact that I care so much about love.
what is love to me? A spring bird drifting away?
I wish I could take out this love hungry heart so I can accept the fact that I will never have a "special person" in my life. I've told my self time and time again that I will never have someone liking, finding me attractive, nor loving me because it's just not meant to be.

When will I accept the fact that I will always be alone?

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