Sunday, February 22

Today someone asked me what "your eyebrows are on fleek" meant.
Well today I will explain what "to be on fleek" means.

For anyone's eyebrows to be on "fleek" they have to be nicely lined up or nicely colored in.
Anyone's eyebrows can be on "fleek" as long as they look good.
Of course if you was to look up the meaning of "fleek" it wouldn't mean what it is used for now.
using "fleek" as a way to say something on someone looks "good" is definitely a trending way of using "fleek" therefore I believe that "fleek" will be out of style by next year (or who knows maybe later on this year).

안녕~ what are you guys up to? Right now i'm listening Judaai by Badlabur give it a try >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2VaF0ZX65w

Saturday, February 21

Make everyday a masterpiece!
Make every moment worth it!
Fight for your dreams!

Dreams aren't just dreams! unless you make them reality.
work hard so you can play hard!

Saturday, February 14

Kawaii music is all I'm about in the music scene but don't get me wrong I love my Rock,Reggaeton and my pop but my playlist is full of indie....sowwy:(

Music is universal no matter what language the person is singing in or what race they are.
feel the music and go crazy!

나 왔어요^o^/ I'm back~~~
Todo bien? Bien?malo?  I'm good.
보고 싶었어요:( I've been really busy lo sientoT-T
I'll make sure to write more okay?

Ready set GO!