Friday, January 23

So today I ran into this new kpop group called 1punch....... I love them>.<
For awhile my love for kpop has been slowly fading away until I found their music video "nightmare"
"nightmare" is pretty much their debut song and I find it pretty amazing.
I love how their doing something new finally^^
They're basicly a group that's going to bring the 90s back and I love it^-^
They make me scream like a stupid fan girl again 
funny thing is that I've only done that to 2 groups so far so I really do like them.

I also love their song "turn me back" it's also very 90s like and I dearly love that song too.
I have definitely gotten back to loving kpop again and I feel like a reborn fan girl^-^

But the one thing that annoys me is that they are getting alot of negative reviews from non korean ppl.
Its really annoying.
finally a group debuts and they are doing something totally different yet all people want to do is complain about how they're wearing dreads (like please shut up, can you do that hun?)

I think thats all I have to say about the oh so lovely group 1punch.

ah also guess what? the younger one is only 14 years old ^^ crazy right? but I love him>.<

check out the MVs I hope you guys like them just as much as I do ^^

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