Monday, January 5

Hai Hai

 Hey guys 오랜만이야. ㅎㅎㅎ actually it's only been half a day

So anything new happen? I'm pretty sure all of you guys' lives are just as simple as mine....sadly:(
Today I was planning on shopping the entire day for some groceries but ended up spending most of the day laying around then doing a workout.

Right now it's nearly midnight and I'm watching a noona romance drama^-^ it's pretty good... recommend

 Sadly my foot hurts from running.
It hurts every time I pull my toes up and downT-T
I think I'm going to ice it.......brb

 Back~ I iced it real good......but it still hurts.
I know I know "my foots not gonna just stop hurting after icing it I have to wait at least a day to see if it's totally healed".   


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