Friday, January 23

So today I ran into this new kpop group called 1punch....... I love them>.<
For awhile my love for kpop has been slowly fading away until I found their music video "nightmare"
"nightmare" is pretty much their debut song and I find it pretty amazing.
I love how their doing something new finally^^
They're basicly a group that's going to bring the 90s back and I love it^-^
They make me scream like a stupid fan girl again 
funny thing is that I've only done that to 2 groups so far so I really do like them.

I also love their song "turn me back" it's also very 90s like and I dearly love that song too.
I have definitely gotten back to loving kpop again and I feel like a reborn fan girl^-^

But the one thing that annoys me is that they are getting alot of negative reviews from non korean ppl.
Its really annoying.
finally a group debuts and they are doing something totally different yet all people want to do is complain about how they're wearing dreads (like please shut up, can you do that hun?)

I think thats all I have to say about the oh so lovely group 1punch.

ah also guess what? the younger one is only 14 years old ^^ crazy right? but I love him>.<

check out the MVs I hope you guys like them just as much as I do ^^

Saturday, January 17

I've come to the conclusion that it isn't that I'm not pretty it's just that God doesn't think I'm ready for that kind of relationship with someone yet.

When I was taking a shower I was thinking about why guys don't like me with thoughts like "I must be ugly" and "what's it about me that guys just don't like?" but then this though came to me almost as if God himself was talking to me "you're not ugly and you don't have a horrible personality, you are not ready for a relationship, you need time grow".

I then realized that "yes I am to immature" and "yes I don't have enough confidence in myself".
I've now come to the conclusion that I just need to help myself grow.
I also need to build my fairly low self esteem.
I now understand and accept that I will not (not until I grow as a person) have anyone to call a "boyfriend" for a very long time and I'm perfectly fine with that.

Friday, January 9

Feeling the warm of a fire next to me makes me feel whole
Just imagine summer coming back. How I can't wait to feel some heat.

There is one thing I like about cold weather.
That I can get warm where as in summer its hard to get cool.

Guys....I think I'm in love with.....


So my mom says ulzzang is only for asian girls.....what do you guys think??

its really cold today (it was also cold yesterday-_-) 어떻게ㅠ-ㅠ

Sorry for not saying good nightT-T I'm not being a good blogger saweey...
Good after noon though

Wednesday, January 7

hey my lovelys~ the sky looks beautiful right now^-^ its sundown.
The sky is pink on the top and orange at the buttom...its very pretty^-^

Monday, January 5

Hai Hai

 Hey guys 오랜만이야. ㅎㅎㅎ actually it's only been half a day

So anything new happen? I'm pretty sure all of you guys' lives are just as simple as mine....sadly:(
Today I was planning on shopping the entire day for some groceries but ended up spending most of the day laying around then doing a workout.

Right now it's nearly midnight and I'm watching a noona romance drama^-^ it's pretty good... recommend

 Sadly my foot hurts from running.
It hurts every time I pull my toes up and downT-T
I think I'm going to ice it.......brb

 Back~ I iced it real good......but it still hurts.
I know I know "my foots not gonna just stop hurting after icing it I have to wait at least a day to see if it's totally healed".   


Saturday, January 3

 Good night 잘자~ let's dream of fairy dust and being on a cruise.


 god why are you so cute >.<
hehe this looks funny to me^_^ junsu~




hai Hai~ Welcome to the first page of my diary! 

Today I woke up late like any other day (other than when I have to do school work or when I have a track workout) and had some breakfast (just crummy'ol cereal...I take that back there are plenty of ppl who can't even eat that).    

 Today was sad looking:( no sun what so ever. But I felt good cause I got to watch some TV(^-^)/ . 

 After the workout (which was at 4pm) nothing much happened. I just took a shower, had something to eat, than I got back on my blog. I know I know "there must be something else that happened?" but sadly guys that's truly what the day was. I'm sorry I'm pathetic  

 Well that's all for now.....안녕~
  I'm so happy that the workout today wasn't long (thank god^-^)
So I think I'm going to start a diary on here (even though nothing much happens in my life)
I'm gonna start after this post so get ready!
 지금 어떤 밥 먹고 십어? Bulgogi? sushi? Ice cream?


My appetite has doubled the last few days.
I've been eating like a pigT-T

Keep the food coming!

I really like to stuff myself before I go to sleep (even though I'm pretty sure that's unhealthy) because it helps be fall asleep quicker:)

Harajuku fashion^3^

Kawaii over here, kawaii over there; kawaii everywhere!

Traveling far and wide, they've come for you.
They come like a thief in the night.
They will hunt you down with every ounce of them self
As silent as the night.
You'll never see them coming.
They will leave a scare that can never be erased forever.

Love floats in the air.
As we pass each other by we secretly touch hands.
we deeply want each other; though we know we can't have eachother.
Your scent lingers in the air.

Just as the days go by you have faded away.
You are like time.
I wish we didn't have to live this way.....

Kawaii Nails...come to me~

I keep seeing Kawaii Japanese nails onlineT_T같고 십어

나 왔어~ I Just got back from another workout.
너무 피곤 해T-T 살려 줘

나는 바보야....왜? 그냥.....

Mor닝 잘잤어?
ㅋㅋㅋ 사실은 I woke up awhile ago I just didn't feel like posting yet....sowwy

Friday, January 2

Candy Land

Candy land come to my dream.
Let's play.
I'll be your friend.
We can laugh and play all day long here. These times feel just right.
In this place named Candy land.
His smile still reminiscences in  my head.
I can't help but think of his long gone touch.
his voice, like a trembling sound in the wind is fading into this room.
I feel alone.
He made me whole, but now he's gone.
What should I do?
I fear tomorrow, will I be able to survive another day without his presence? Or will I fade away too?
I want an answer so I can live again.