Wednesday, December 31

Just another grasp of air.
Just another glance of beauty.
Another chance at life.
Making mistakes only makes me more human, that's why I try harder next time.
The feeling of being loved, let me feel it once again.

I know I'm asking alot, but shouldn't I get what they have?
Love, joy,hope and a future. Maybe this is for the better, but how can I know that for sure?
I'm not sure of getting love.

I'm not sure that I have enough hope to survive this horrid world.
I definitely don't have joy now so how can I know I'll have it in the future.

Please answer me. Please show me you're still listening.
Give me a sign that you're still here for me.
I don't know if I'll be able to take my next breath, so please give me a sign that all this hoping and believing in you wasn't in vain.

I don't want friends to keep me company. I want you.
Your voice,your smile,your laugh,your presence.

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