Sunday, December 27

The power of words

Move over. talk low. don't be noticed, you're nothing anyways. make yourself smaller and smaller every chance you get. You're using too much oxygen, breath less. you think you're something? Well guess what you're nothing. Why are you so quiet? I like your voice you should talk more. You're voice is something like an angel. Your existence is a piece of art, something impeccable. Your hug makes anyone feel as though they're at home again. Words can mean a million things. They can make you feel worthless and they can make feel beautiful. The word is composed of trillions of words stitched together to make everyone's lives different and special in their own way.

Clock of my life

Time wasted. Wasted on such useless things. Makes me wonder what's truly important in life. Do I still have time to change or is it too late? I think about what I want out of my life. I wonder if all I'll get is pain.

Poison for the sickly

Money...how fickle of a thing it is. Makes a man crumble. Makes people hungry for more and more. Money....how it's name makes any human being become a monster. Might as well make a holiday dedicated to it. Let go of it all, for it will only destroy you and make you its slave.

Saturday, December 26

But im here too...

You know sometimes I feel like nothing. As if I am non existing. like the breaths I take are just the wind. Like my thoughts are nothing but forgotten words from a book. I look for someone's watching eye, so I can say "I too live!" For that is all I want. I want to exist like everyone else. To feel loved and cared for is what most of us want right? This world is too confusing for someone like me. I want to be happy for him but how can I when I spending every waking moment hoping somewhere in his heart he thought of me as much as I did he. But now I know my fate, now its time for me to accept it and to keep moving. Love isn't for us all in this crowded place called earth.

Letting go

I've decided to let it all go. The memories and the pain so I can finally start to truly love myself. Even though it'll be hard I know I'll be in the place I need to be for change. I beg you all to let go of all the unnecessary things you have in your life because you will soon be suffocated by those things. we all deserve happiness but we must fight for it. Get up and start over!

Friday, September 18

My mom loves taking things.

My personal life sucks.....no seriously it does.

Okay so as some of you guys may know I'm a teen, to be exact 16.
I love being creative in my fashion and makeup.
My mom isn't for anything foreign nor exotic ( I think that basically means the same thing....meh)
So about 6 weeks ago she took my makeup away and basically told me she didn't want me to express myself in my clothes. I thought meh I still have my phone (of which I only use to talk to this guy I extremely like) but when I first got the phone my mom didn't know I had it so when she found out I had one she took it away. So for the next 2 weeks I was basically depressed. I had nothing I enjoyed and all I was left with was school work of which I was already stressed over.

A week ago I asked her if there was anything I could do to get to use it on the weekend and guess what she said? she said "yup I'll think of something so that you can gain that privilege".

Just when I thought there was some light coming back into my depressing stressful life she totally ate that light and spit it back out like it was nothing.
Yup just today I asked her if I could use it for the night and she said "no you can't have your phone".

I can't help it I absolutely hate her now....all she knows is taking things away and acting as if she cares.